If you listen closely, fashion can tell you a lot. Each piece speaks of the person wearing it – but they also talk of the hands that crafted it with care.
At Di’Gerari, we firmly believe that ethical production practices are the key to enhancing quality. We select our materials based on feel and wearability – not on cost – but quality doesn’t just mean durability. We want to make timeless products that you genuinely love to wear.
High-quality materials are part of the picture. But how those materials are sourced – the people who make them and the impact we have on their lives – they all lend themselves to the quality of the end product.
What that means in practice is that we have a different approach to how we run our business with small-batch productions, ethically sourced and sustainable materials, and the fair treatment of everyone involved in their design and production.
The end result is a range of fashion that champions every step of their production. Our clothes – and the people making them – are treated with respect, and in turn, respect the world around them.
In short, we create fashion that makes you shine bright in the sun. All of this becomes obvious the moment you put them on. And that’s our definition of quality.


● We are committed to designing luxury fashion that minimizes our environmental impact on the world around us.
● We use ethically sourced materials, including Econyl, a 100% regenerated nylon yarn with the same silky properties as traditional polyamide fabrics.
● Our production process utilizes small production runs that deliver fashion items when we need them. This way, we know exactly how much to make of each product, avoid over- or under-cutting, and reduce incidences of excess stock.


Di’Gerari is dedicated to being responsible for every aspect of our business. We believe that even small changes we make for the better will improve the world around us.

Our aim is not to just minimize our impact on the environment. We want to leave a lasting, positive benefit in the lives we touch through our business. And building lasting relationships with the people we work with is a crucial part of this process.

That’s why we’re dedicated to ensuring we pay living wages across our supply chain. We hold ourselves accountable for the social standards involved in the sourcing and production of our fashion swimwear. So we make sure that our workers (and the people who supply them) are fairly compensated with wages that let them live their lives.

We work hard to ensure our people have safe workplaces where they can feel good about their contributions to protecting our planet. Giving back wherever and whenever we can is a core part of who we are. Be it through education, community support, skill-sharing, and partnering with others – these make us stronger together. And if we do not find any standards that we can follow, we make our own.

We are happy to see such positive changes sweeping through the modest fashion industry. We embrace the new choices, programs, and products that we feel reflect the positive values deeply rooted in our faith.

Our Commitment

We are committed to making luxurious modest-wear fashion to make you feel great.
We don’t cut corners. We use the best materials, employ the best people, and produce designs that let our customers shine in the sun.

We own the impacts of our choices.
We fully acknowledge that no manufacturing process in the world is free from some form of negative impact on the environment. However, we do ensure that the choices we make are responsible, considerate, and amongst some of the best options that can be made now.

We do good by using eco-friendly processes and materials that give back to the planet.
Our pieces let you embrace life to the fullest, knowing that they are made with eco-friendly, ethically sourced materials and processes.

We give back to our communities.
Di”gerari’s offers specialised training and classes to underprivileged women that help foster a sense of independence and self-reliance. Our studios in Tangier, Morocco, provide study programs, workshops, and skill-sharing sessions that empower the women in our communities with education on:

● critical health topics such as healthy eating, personal and menstrual hygiene, and maternal health
● health-related behaviors such as disease testing, seeking out preventative care and conducting breast self-examinations
● common myths and misconceptions around potentially harmful health practices and beliefs
● building confidence and communication skills around discussing important health issues at work and at home
● financial planning, budgeting, and savings to improve resilience to economic shocks
● knowledge and confidence-building to enable women to take control over their finances
● critical reflections on gender norms
● skill-building to prevent and address violence
● personal development, parenting courses, and education for children.

In this way, Di’Gerari can give back to our communities by combating illiteracy and poverty. We want them to know that they matter, so we take care of our employees, helping them recognise their value, and supporting their efforts to make a difference.